Physicians Surgery Center

If you have an advance directive or living will and a medical emergency arises, a surgery center will transfer you to the closest hospital. A surgery center will not follow do-not-resuscitate requests. Please discuss with your physician if you have questions. A hospital will make decisions about following any advance directive or living will or a request to not resuscitate should your heart stop or if you should stop breathing. You have a right to have your living will or advance directive information present in our medical record and to be informed of the facility's policy prior to the procedure.

State information and forms to prepare an advance directive or living will, if you decide to have one, are available at the registration desk upon your request or can be found online.

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Please let us know if you have a complaint or concern by asking for the Administrator.

Consumer Complaints can also be made at state and federal offices:
Write the State: Division of Health Care Facilities Centralized Complaint Intake Unit
665 Mainstream Dr., Second Floor
Nashville, TN 37243

State web site

Call the State Complaint hotline at (877) 287-0010

Medicare Office of the Medicare Ombudsman