Physicians Surgery Center is looking for kind, compassionate and professional team players who are forward thinking, loyal, dedicated and eager to learn.

Job Openings


Part-time, approximately 29 hours per week. Starting Wage: Depends on experience.

Essential job responsibilities

  1. Perform a variety of maintenance repairs including, but not limited to, minor electrical, plumbing and carpentry repairs; building related repairs including unplugging drains, toilets and sinks; and other similar duties.
  2. Perform minor maintenance and repairs on beds, tables, chairs and other similar items.
  3. Perform touch up painting of facilities both interior and exterior.
  4. Repair and maintain existing carpentry work.
  5. Perform small wood building projects (if equipment available and accessible).
  6. Move furniture and office equipment as necessary.
  7. Work closely with vendors (lawn care, landscaping, HVAC, etc.) in the continuous maintain of grounds and buildings.
  8. Assist with coordination of any renovation or building projects as requested by CEO.

Experience: Three years of relevant experience. Bio-Med experience preferred.

Apply Online

You can also download and print our Employment Application Form. Fill it out, and email it, or mail it to 207 Stonebridge, Jackson, TN 38305, or fax it to 731-661-6363.