Physicians Surgery Center is looking for kind, compassionate and professional team players who are forward thinking, loyal, dedicated and eager to learn.

Job Openings


Full-Time, M-F, 6:45a – 3:15p

Essential Job Responsibilities:

  • Capable of transporting patients safely.
  • Assists in positioning the patient as necessary.
  • Checks expiration dates in storage areas/OR rooms as needed.
  • Replaces Sharps boxes and reprocessing bins as needed.
  • Assists in OR rooms as needed.
  • Restocks supply areas as needed.
  • Transports biohazard trash and regular trash to appropriate areas.
  • Assists with putting up supplies.

Education and Experience: High school graduate with one or more years of related work experience in surgery preferred.

Apply Online

You can also download and print our Employment Application Form. Fill it out, and email it, or mail it to 207 Stonebridge, Jackson, TN 38305, or fax it to 731-661-6363.